George Happy at Home

on Wednesday, 25 July 2012.

George, Gerogina, and three chicks

George Happy at Home

Nature walks for kids. Georgina is well and happy with her 3 babies.

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  • Baringo Giraffe update

    Baringo Giraffe update

    Author Nic

    Good news, after 4 years of planning 8 Baringo giraffe (also known as Rothchild's Giraffe) returned home after nearly 70 years since they were last seen in Baringo.

    The translocation was an exciting one, as the giraffe had to travel for six hours by lorry. Then the lorry had to reverse into the lake and the giraffe were transferred to a boat (landing craft) to make an hour and a half crossing to Ruko Community Wildlife Conservancy.

    This is the first time that giraffes have been transported across water in Kenya.


  • Baringo Giraffe Translocation

    Baringo Giraffe Translocation

    Author Nic

    Samatian Island Lodge, a part of The Safari and Conservation Company, The Kenya Wildlife Service and The Northern Rangelands Trust today announce a first for conservation in Kenya as eight Baringo Giraffe, a sub-species that have not existed in their native area of Lake Baringo for over 70 years, were  finally brought home.

    Through the combined efforts of the NRT, Samatian Island Lodge and local Pokot and Njemps communities, these endangered Rothschild giraffe, originally named Baringo giraffe, were trans-located to Ruko Game Conservancy by barge, making this the first ever attempt to carry giraffe across water in Kenya.


“In the centre of this depression lies a dazzling expanse of water, glittering like a mirror in the fierce rays of the tropical sun.“ 1883 Joseph Thomson ‘Catching a sight of the mysterious Lake Baringo’