Pokot GirlThrough several different projects in conjunction with NRT Trading, Ruko is enabling women to break the cycle of poverty through their own hard work and determination. It is Ruko’s mission to help women in the local communities to be able to save money from their businesses for their own independence and put it towards school fees, food, business expansion, medical care, and emergencies.

By educating women to understand, benefit from and conserve the wildlife in their area Ruko and NRT Trading is supporting women in the creation of sustainable fair trade enterprises producing unique, quality, hand-made gifts. The profit raised from the sale of such gifts goes directly to education, healthcare and improved nutrition for women and their families.

Micro-Credit Scheme
 The Micro-Credit Scheme run by NRT Trading is aimed at local women provides income opportunities through modest micro-credit loans for the development of small local business. This micro-credit is managed through local women’s groups, who vet and award loan applications and ensure regular loan repayments. It is planned that this facility is used in certain instances to provide small loan financing to enable local women to purchase materials for craft and jewellery production.

NRT Trading has engaged 16 women’s groups from within the local communities so far, enrolling them into micro-credit and loans program. Initial engagement included needs assessment exercises, business development training workshops and visits by the NRT Trading project team.

“In the centre of this depression lies a dazzling expanse of water, glittering like a mirror in the fierce rays of the tropical sun.“ 1883 Joseph Thomson ‘Catching a sight of the mysterious Lake Baringo’